"The Ocean Without You" Demo

by Good With Anything (Demos)

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This is the first ever demo by Good With Anything, a duo between Zane "TommyZane" Walsh and Cuneyt "Fish" Kalender. Influences for this demo include City & Colour, William Fitzsimmons and Chase Coy. This is our first attempt at music, so the instrumentals, lyrics and vocals aren't amazing, but hey. Forget not your roots.


released June 2, 2011

Zane "TommyZane" Walsh - Vocals/Guitar
Cuneyt "Fish" Kalender - Guitar/Vocals
Recorded by Ryan Semco of Skyy Productions
Album artwork by Semco Designs (www.facebook.com/semcodesigns)



all rights reserved


Good With Anything (Demos) Fayetteville, North Carolina

Acoustic duo from Fayetteville, NC.
Now a single pop-punk project.

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Track Name: Dilemma (Separation and Silence)
Midnight strikes, and I'm wide awake again,
Wondering we just can't at least be friends.
I just wanna know what it takes to prove to you
I mean it. It's true.
Separation and silence are the two things I can't deal with.
It breaks my heart to know that you feel this way.
Is this the price that I pay to make you stay?

Please, don't run away.
Please, don't hesitate.
I want this dilemma to end now.
Maybe I was wrong.
Baby, you were right.
We don't have to fight.
We can work this somehow.

That cute little smile mesmerizes me every time.
It made me forget what we were fighting about.
Why can't we work this out?
No need to shout.
Your ocean of tears could drown me,
So throw me a raft so I can get back
To patching the love that we tore in two.
And I say...

Track Name: Infinite Ocean; The Voyage of the Romantic
I've been on this ship for months, for years.
I've been waiting for these waves to clear
Just to back to you so I can see
Your beautiful smile, your gorgeous face
Once again, my darling.

Because every drop that fills this ocean is a tear that I cried,
'Cause it's an ocean without you.
When I start to sail with this lonesome ship of mine,
It will be a voyage I'm willing to take for you.

Alone in the night, lost at the sea.
When I get home, I guarantee that you and I will forever be.
This could be the death of me.
Your smile is all that I can see,
'Cause it's the brightest of all stars.

Track Name: A Kid's Worst Nightmare
Even though you say everything is all right,
I know you're lying, because I hear you fight all night.
When you say you get along,
I know you're lying, because I see you're not even trying.

If you don't want to stay,
Just go your separate ways.

I wish you could fix these problems.
It shouldn't be hard to solve them,
And I wish you wouldn't fight,
But I know it'll never be right.

If you're together just to please me,
Please stop.
Just go on and leave.
I see how you act everyday,
And you wonder why I have so much pain.

If you don't want to stay,
Just got your separate ways.

I wish you could fix these problems.
It shouldn't be hard to solve them,
And I wish you would make this right,
But if not, just go on and live your own lives.

Without you in my life, I am able to breathe,
So go ahead and leave.

I wish you would fix these problems.
It shouldn't be hard to solve them,
But now you know you cause me so much pain,
And you will always be the one to blame.