In Solitude Demo

by Good With Anything (Demos)

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This was Good With Anything when it consisted of Zane "TommyZane" Walsh and Isis Malone. This is basically a college demo.


released December 11, 2011

Zane "TommyZane" Walsh - Vocals/Guitar
Isis Malone - Piano/Vocals
Recorded on TommyZane's Garageband
Album art by Semco Designs (



all rights reserved


Good With Anything (Demos) Fayetteville, North Carolina

Acoustic duo from Fayetteville, NC.
Now a single pop-punk project.

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Track Name: Either Way, It's a Memory
It didn't work the first time.
It didn't work the next time.
It didn't work the last time.
The last time we tried to patch this up
Before everything fell apart at the seems,
Like you and me.
Well, I apologize. I didn't realize the "gravity" of our situation here.
My mind is blank.
I don't know what to say.
You gave me hell.
I loved you anyway.

I've been trying to find the right set of words
To rekindle the spark that’s inside your heart.
I've been trying to search for
Another way for another day with you,
But it's better for me if I let it be,
'cause either way, it's a memory.

We had a lot of chemistry between the both of us,
But when we were together,
All you'd do is fuss and whine and waste my time.
Was there any consideration left in your mind?

You know that you crossed the line when you turned your back on me.


Upon reflection, I suddenly realize that our love was as hollow,
As broken as the great, big blue sky.
All it was was a game of how much I could please you,
Be it this, or that, or more of this,
Or all of my damn sweet free time, but it's all right.
I am not as depressed as I sound.
In fact, I'm okay.
I'm happy. At least, I think so.
Who knows? I don't know.
At least, I can say this: I've finally moved on.
That's right. You better believe it.

Track Name: Love You All the Time
We can watch the sunrise.
We can watch the sunset.
it doesn't matter, because you are mine,
And I'll try my hardest to make your world shine,
And I promise I will love you all the time.
Love you all the time.

We can go for a walk, maybe down to the park,
And relax in the grass and watch the clouds go by,
Or we could lie underneath the night sky.
Watch the shooting stars pass by.

You make me smile.
I hope you stay for a while.
I wanna hold you in my arms and protect you from all harms
That come our way.
I promise I'm here to stay.
I won't go anywhere, all because I care.
Track Name: Restless (Iselia Cover)
Melancholy takes a hold of me,
Then it fades away.
Afterwards, I feel like I'm perpetually irate.
Days like these leave me uneasy.
Days like these rekindle my hate.

Never content with what is going on.
The world isn't against us.
It just seems that way.

I'm losing my sanity.
I'm losing my fortitude.
I'm on the brink of insanity.
I'm locking myself, and spending the night in solitude.
Track Name: Blood & Bones (William Fitzsimmons Cover)
Are you falling towards the evening
From the last light that you saw,
From the corner of the curtain
Perching on the wall?

And I kept the words you gave me.
You're the song I try to sing.
I was ruined when I saw you
To every living thing.

In my blood and in my bones.

You have burrowed to the mortar.
I have nothing left to hide.
You're the seed that's softly sowing
Ever to my side.

Track Name: Superman Socks (Nice Peter Cover)
I was just hanging out at the beach with my lady.
I swear we weren’t making out.
She was just lying on top of me.
All of a sudden, two dudes showed up, out of nowhere.
They started to make street music about me.

What could I do about these two?
I strapped on my blue socks.

Flyin' high in my Superman socks.
You don't know what these socks are.
Flyin' high in my Superman socks.
Blue socks on my douche feet.

I caught up with them later.
I tried to explain myself.
I told them I’m a film maker, too.
I told them that this isn’t cool.

We started to argue.
I could tell that something was wrong.
That’s when I noticed
The other dude with the curly hair in the background.
The camera was still turned on, yeah.

I got upset.
I made a threat.
I showed them my blue socks.

Flyin' high in my Superman socks
You don't know what these socks are.
Flyin' high in my Superman purse
This is where I put my socks, bitch.
Flyin' high in my Superman socks

Bounce bounce jiggle bounce.
Track Name: Outro
“Solitude is strength; to depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness. The man who needs a mob to nerve him is much more alone than he imagines.” Paul Brunton

"There’s a difference between solitude and loneliness." Maggie Smith